Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Mundas Vult Decipi

2004 US Elections Pool

Important Resources
RCP Battleground State Polls
Tripias State Poll Tracker
2004 Election Projection
More links to come!

How much more explanation do you need? Potential pools include 2004 Presidential Election, Senatorial Results and House Results. This pool is open to residents of DC and the Maryland DC suburbs.

The pools are still in planning stages, the amount to buy an entry, the scoring rubric, the prize breakdown etc etc are all currently being determined. Air your views, you know you will want to join in!

Presidential Pool

  • Should we reward just the electoral map choices, or also a special prize for the most correct numerical prediction?
  • Should there be a popular vote prediction prize?
  • How many places should we reward on the main electoral map contest? (three is my suggestion)
  • When should the closing date be for votes?
  • How much should each entry cost? ($20?)

Senatorial Results Pool

  • Should the cost and/or closing date be any different?
  • Should there simply be a reward for the closest map, or should there be an additional prize for the closest numerical count?

House Results

  • All the Senatorial questions apply here.
  • Should the House regard only certain races or all 435?

Please post your thoughts on these questions!


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