Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Alea Jacta Est!

Playing Politics, by Michael Laver

Game Theory, political simulations, and party games that do not require the explanation of endless rules; what's not to like? This book is out of print, and I strongly urge everyone to snap up a used copy (use one of the online used book clearinghouses) before they too leave circulation.

This book, and the activities within, combine the imperatives to entertain people with the idealistic desire to improve oneself. Politics is not just the occupation of people with a direct view of the Washington Monument, but rather a fact of life in any occupation, and any social environment. Thus day labourer or software programmer, secretary or lawyer, this book and the lessons within will be useful to you, and fun to boot!


Amazon is not a bad place to look for used books, but if you don't want to give them 15% of the sale price (and would rather support the small used book stores out there), once it finds a book for you, go to that merchant's website (without using Amazon's links!) and buy it directly.

Another great resource is the Advanced Book Exchange, a site that maintains listings for 100s of used book merchants, and acts as a lower-overhead intermediary. (Socially Conscious consumerism!) However for this book, at the time of this post, Amazon lists Playing Politics copies and ABE does not.

For the rules to some of the games listed in the book, click here.


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