Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Deus Scelestus Belli Est!?!

I am astonished to learn that the term "Immaculate Conception" refers to the birth of Mary, not of Jesus. It does not imply that Mary's parents didn't have sex, rather that while in the womb she was cleansed of all sin. Apparently as she was to be the "vessel" of the "divine seed" she had to be purified of the congenital defect of all human kind, which is to say sin. (What a perk for being God's "baby momma") She was not just absolved of any future sins but purified of those she had already accrued.

Fascinating. Well this revelation provides a neat segue to a much more puzzling dilemma: What kind of religion declares that unborn babies have extant sins? What a bizarre moral philosophy. A divine judge is so particular that even an entity that has literally committed no action is condemned as beneath the relevant standard (unless that baby has "heard the good news" and now "accepts Jesus Christ as his savior")?

The Christian Right and the Republican Party are a good match; they both allow the tail to wag the dog in terms of conforming all facts they accept to their few basic premises.

Rational Person (RP): Why is it important to be a Christian?
Christian Radical (CR): Because no one gets to heaven without accepting Jesus Christ in his heart!
RP: No one??
CR: No one!
RP: Not even a baby who has yet to commit as single action, and thus cannot have transgressed against any sane moral code?
CR thinks about this for a while.
CR: Ah ha! That baby is guilty of being HUMAN! All people have imputed guilt due to the eating of the apple etc etc.

It turns out that the Geneva Convention recognizes that collective punishment is so immoral it is a crime against humanity. Apparently if GOD does it, and goes on to hold each successive generation thus responsible, it IS moral. The answer to the obvious question (But why, Mr. CR??) is apparently that God is axiomatically Good. He can't commit a sin, and thus His acts are peachy regardless of the heinous atrocities that they may comprise.

Sort of how Bush can't be screwing up Iraq; he's the resolute commander-in-chief appointed by God after all!


At 4:43 AM, [REDACTED] said...

Random Tangent:

So God purfies Mary. This is a positive action.

Mary had sin. Post hoc she does not. This "sin" attribute placed her in spiritual jeopardy (she may go to Hell).

Risk of a negative outcome has a value: the risk premium. Assumption of that risk by a third party thus is a service with a value.

According to Title 11, Subtitle 3 of the Maryland Code, exchanging any "thing of value" for sex is quite illegal. Is God a common criminal, guilty of soliciting?

Hey its 4:30 in the morning; what sort of coherence do you expect from my thoughts!

At 8:46 AM, [REDACTED] said...

"What kind of religion declares that unborn babies have extant sins? What a bizarre moral philosophy."

The same religion that claims to devour, en masse, the body and blood of its savior every Sunday morning. The same religion that says normal bodily functions are sinful. The same religion that advocates self-torture as a cleansing rite.

Bizarre, indeed.

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